7 ABM Processes

The 7 ABM Processes ABM is no longer optional – it’s a core element of a B2B go-to-market plan for those organizations looking to drive efficiency, capture big wins, increase sales, accelerate deals, and align Sales and Marketing. As the ABM discipline evolves, the processes that support account-level orchestration and analytics are becoming more robust, and ABM practitioners are becoming more mature. Most ABM journeys follow a seven-step process: 1. Select accounts Align your Sales and Marketing teams around your target accounts most likely to deliver revenue, and tier those accounts. 2. Identify people Generate contacts for key personas at target accounts based on your ideal buyer profiles. 3. Develop account insights Learn what matters at each account so that your interactions are relevant and resonant. Generate account-relevant 4. messages and content Create content and messaging that is targeted specifically at the buying teams in each account. 5. Deliver account-specific interactions Execute targeted interactions that are personalized for each account. 6. Orchestrate account-focused plays Synchronize interactions into coordinated plays that align to account plans and goals. 7.Measure account progress Report on impact of ABM efforts in terms of account engagement, impact on pipeline and revenue, and program ROI. For a deep dive into each process and a blueprint for executing a world-class ABM program, download Engagio’s Clear and Complete Guide to Account Based Marketing at info.engagio.com/guide.